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Vine here! Let me share a little secret (or promise) with you:

I am a total nerd!

Throughout my journey I've worked as a consultant and business manager, jumping between business development and nonprofit ventures. From crafting textbooks and forms during my college days to building full-fledged startups and handling all angles of branding and marketing, I've seen the inside of over 100 companies. If you've got a product or service, I can create a thriving business structure around it.

But then the game changed for me a few years ago:
I noticed that my clients weren't just fighting hard to build their businesses; they were also battling with limiting beliefs, outdated narratives, and assumptions that held them back from the success they craved. Some carried heavy secrets and lingering wounds that refused to heal. These shadows were affecting every area of their lives, especially how they approached relationships.

So, what did I do?


I dove headfirst into the captivating world of psychology, neuroscience, success strategies, trauma healing, self-sabotage, and relationship dynamics. The more I delved into these fascinating subjects, the more I found myself drawn to the profound impact they had on my consulting work. I've been studying, learning and sharing the absolute best strategies ever since.

Now, I'm here to offer you unwavering support in building the extraordinary life you deserve.

Together, we'll uncover hidden strengths and rewrite the narratives that have held you back. I'll be right there, guiding you with the most effective tools and techniques I've gathered along the way, fully committed to your evolution.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and unstoppable growth? Let's team up and create the life you've always dreamed of.


I'm here to make it happen.


At Cohere Counselling, we believe that your past does not define your future.

We are here to help you navigate life's challenges and empower you to create the future you crave.

Through talking, laughing and some deep exploration we'll find the tools you need to build strong, healthy relationship to yourself and others to move forward with confidence and ease.
"I will never tell you how to live your life.
What I can do is give you a safe space to explore your unique contexts to help
you create a path to your best life
full of joy and confidence."

Happy couples live longer
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